Styling homes for different clients at the same time can be challenging. You have many people to satisfy, many things to avoid and too many requirements to fulfill. But not all the time! Airbnb interior design gives you much more freedom to express your boldest ideas in a design crafted, not only for one client but for the whole world! Deliver an outstanding design and give travelers the best home-away-from-home Airbnb experience with the following tips! ;)

Make sure it’s cozy and functional

Make sure it’s cozy and functional Always keep in mind that the apartment you’re staging is meant to make guests feel at home. This is why they chose an Airbnb apartment in the first place, and it should reflect that. Avoid clattering the space at all costs and try choosing multi-functional furniture that is both classy and comfy! A nice, large ottoman to gather around for games in the evening or a lounge chair to crash on after a long day are two examples.

Give the walls a life of their own

Give the walls a life of their own Prospective guests will most likely overlook a lifeless all-white apartment when scrolling through the listings. Give the walls in the main living areas some character with a bold dash of color here and there. But make sure they don’t come off as too bold! To achieve balance, choose a bold color for the walls you want to stand out and pair it with a neutral shade. You can also consider wallpaper if the effect you have in mind can’t be achieved using paint alone.

Decorate with accent pieces

Decorate with accent pieces © Accent pieces should be integral parts of your Airbnb staging strategy if creating an identity is what you’re aiming for. A beautifully-arranged reading nook, striking wall art or nice shelving with cute handmade items will all work to create an Instagrammable décor! This simply means a higher ranking on Airbnb, more interested people and a memorable experience to offer guests!

Blend in strategic lighting fixtures

home pendant light © A few elegant pendants in the right places will accentuate your interior arrangement and act as central pieces. This is extra helpful in reflecting the nighttime mood of the apartment in the listing pictures. And of course, you should never forget bedside lamps and wall lights! These are essential for guests who like to spend their evenings with a good book.

Add greenery to complete the scene

Add greenery to complete the scene A bit of nature is always welcome and needed, especially if the apartment you’re staging has a nice outdoor area. Still, there’s no reason why you can’t have some of this going on inside! Hype up your Instagrammable décor using natural or artificial foliage around the house to make an even bolder statement!

Make a nice gesture

Make a nice gesture Think of a special décor element that will give guests a reason to remember their experience. This element can be very simple, yet extremely thoughtful. For example, a memory board along with a big selfie frame to capture and keep their happy moments in the place! Do you find these tips helpful? Don’t just read them, bring them to the test in a real Airbnb staging project today!